Tuesday, October 30, 2007


This was forwarded to me by a friend in the UK. Check out this film clip - aired on Al Jereeza television. The lady is Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychologist from Los Angeles. I hope the link is still active!!


There are only 10 types of people in the world.
Those who know binary and those who don't.

With love and appreciation to all my computer boff relatives and friends!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

We Won?

THE WORLD CUP - A game of rugby, won on penalties. Five for us, and two against us. Won by exacting restitution from the opposing team (in this case the Brits) because of their fouls against us. Their fouls against us were more than our fouls against them. And so we came out on top. Is this not symbolic of our nation as a whole? - demanding restitution for evils committed in the past? It is not only evident in our politics but also in our failing health system (glaringly in the Eastern Cape), in our policing and justice system, where the criminals seem to be encouraged rather than brought to book. I have heard it said that crime is a good thing - because it creates employment opportunities in the policing sector! The blame game is paramount. There are always extenuating circumstances??? - particularly if you hold a position in parliament or other significant leadership.

When will our nation, and the various sectors of our nation, begin to take responsibility, stop blaming or forcing fouls, grab the ball (as it were) instead of booting it around without making a difference, pass to team mates (those on the same responsible side), break through the opposition, and run full tilt into the future that is there for us to embrace?

We won.
Or did we lose, really?
God help us - you're the only one who can.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

One Nation, One Team, One Dream

One nation, one team, one dream.

What has happened to the one hope to which all have been called - one Lord, one faith, one baptism - one God and Father of all (Ephesians 4:4-6)?

or perhaps I shouldn't ask?

So Sorry!

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Escort

She joined our family in February 1986: Ian was 5, Allan was 3, Richard was 4months, and Paul was not yet a twinkle in our eyes. She replaced Ned's pension from Ncora, Transkei. She was nifty, economical until she started ageing (aren't we all!), and faithful. She had her fair share of bumps and attempts at being robbed, but recovered and carried on regardless. For a time she was immobile until the necessary replacements could be afforded and fitted - and then she became Ian's constant companion from the time that he received his driver's license and escorted him throughout his 6 student years - and I know that a strong bond developed between the two of them. She never complained about the very late nights/ early mornings that she was expected to keep - or about waiting around when Ian was doing night shift at the blood lab or hospital as a student intern. And then she became Allan's constant companion when he lost his 'wheels' to robbery, and safely escorted him to wherever he had to go. Throughout the years she was faithful, uncomplaining, and long-suffering through accompanying toddlers, pre-schoolers, primary schoolers, high schoolers then students. She didn't complain when she was 'demoted' from escorting Ned to work to being the run-around scivvy for the rest of the family. I think she was relieved when, during Ian's later student years, I decreed that she was no longer fit to travel beyond the borders of Pretoria - not even to Jo'burg. For the past few months she has been pretty much retired - although she still looks smart and has new shoes. Another person is interested in her services now - and we are negotiating the transfer from our service to his. Some of us will be sad to see her leave - and others of us will be happy to have the space she occupies available for other usage. Strange that, through the 22 years that she has been an integral part of our family, we have never given her a proper name - always just called her 'The Escort'.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Writer's Cramp

It's something we would have laughed about before we knew what it was about. It's called Focal Dystonia, stems from the basal ganglia in the brain, and affects the muscles of the hand and forearm - causing spasms during writing. Automatic fine motor skills, that we take for granted, are no longer possible without supreme effort. The easiest is to learn to write with the other hand - which is not easy at all.

It's a bummer if you are a 22year old 3rd year going into 4th year electronic engineering student, who needs to write or use a computer keyboard a lot, and who needs to put together circuits and things that require accurate, fine motor skills.

Medication is not helpful. Botox injections may help. Occupational therapy could help develop the other hand and arm. Any advantages? - depends on your mindset:
- develop the other side of your brain
- develop patience and forbearance
- develop creative ways of dealing with frustration
- investigate the best buys in small keyboards that will fit the span of the other hand - to prevent shoulder and arm stress in that other arm
- invent cunning devices that will help make life easier for other sufferers
- gives intercessors something specific to pray for/ about
- gives non-sufferers the opportunity to say "There but for the grace of God go I"

Its a bummer if said electronic engineering student is your 3rd son and you can't do a damn thing to help or take it away.

Some things our children have to negotiate through themselves in life.
We can stand by and encourage and pray.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pool Cleaners

I was getting frustrated with our pool cleaner (Kreepy Krawly) this morning, in the rain. There was a lot of sand and leaves and stuff from our neighbour's cypress and pine trees, that overhang the wall between us, on the bottom of the pool - all a result of the wonderful rain that we have been having the last few days. The Kreepy insisted on getting stuck in a coil and staying in the same position - threatening to suck the paint off that corner of the pool. In spite of my efforts to get it to move in a different direction, it came back to that same stuck position. Eventually it seemed to get the message and careered off to the other end of the pool at the end of its pipe. And then I got to thinking about the Aquanaut that we had as a first pool cleaner 20 years ago. This little device was the best cleaner - it worked on a random figure of eight and wasn't restricted in its movement by the connecting pipe. It cleaned the pool effectively and fast - within a matter of 20 minutes or so. The trouble with the aquanaut was that the company went bankrupt. Although the design was excellent there were too many moving parts - and the contract was that the worn out parts would be replaced free of charge - and because there were many moving parts they wore out fast. That was a great pity. The Kreepy on the other hand, does not have the same sort of moving parts and is very restricted in its motion by the pipe. It is true to say that the cleaners do do what they are made to do - which is to help one clean the pool - though not perfectly. And then I got to thinking about those of us who are of the household of God. Some of us are restricted in what we are called to do by whatever it is that we remain attached to. Others of us are a bit less restricted and go about our work with carefree abandon - but our many working parts get worked out and begin to fail us. Pool cleaners are there to help clean pools. God's people are there to help clean up the world. But all of us, whether mechanical or human, are restricted by our manufacturer's specifications. A sobering thought!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


They have red rings around their eyes, are almost irridescent green depending on how the sun shines on them - otherwise grey/ black, and fat - probably from eating the dog's food nextdoor. They lived in our roof for a long time. I kind of liked having them there - until their chicks learning to fly would deposit large calling cards on the washing that hung on the line near their entrance and exit places. Ned has been fixing up the guttering on that side of the house, and making it impossible for them to come in so they have found somewhere else to live (the neighbours roof!). When they left, the rats arrived and made loud stomping noises on the ceiling - but they too have been banished by the roof/ gutter maintenance. However, the pigeons are still around and there were calling cards on the washing again on Monday. And that makes me mad, because it is impossible to get the stain out. I know I have to be rational in my thinking, and admit that they are just living their lives the way they know how and not leaving calling cards on purpose to ruin my washing and make me mad - at least I hope they are not. Just like people - they carry on in their own sweet way and what they do/ say or how they live often may affect one adversely - but they too are just living life from their own perspectives and out of their own needs - and not really thinking about their effect of others - and not trying on purpose to mess up your life. At least I hope so. And of course this applies to me just as much as to everyone else. I wonder how many people think about me they way I think about the woodpigeons?! That's the thought that I will ponder for today!!