Saturday, May 30, 2009

Visit with Allan and Richard

Richard sitting on the wall outside his flatlet in Stellenbosch.

Richard and me in Allan's flat in Somerset West.

Allan and Richard with the Schultz family, from whom Allan rents his flat.

Allan and me in the living area of his flat.

Cape Town - more sights

The Cape of Good Hope - the most south-westerly point on the African Continent. This lady just happened to be there when I took the photo.

There were other pedestrians around on that day!

This is the view from Rose's balcony - I could quite easily get used to living here if I had the opportunity!

The day I went to visit Allan I stopped off at Strandfontein beach. This is the view of the Helderberg mountains from the beach.

Seagulls and cormorants were conferring on the beach before taking off and getting on with the business of their day. I didn't join them - just watched from a distance.

Cape Town sights

Cape Point - where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. This is the view from the old lighthouse at Cape Point. The line of convergence is clear in this photo - with the Indian current on the left and the Atlantic current on the right.

Facing up the Peninsula towards the north, the land separates the Indian Ocean on the right from the Atlantic Ocean on the left.

The day I visited Table Mountain there was quite a bit of cloud present. Two people are preparing to abseil down the mountain from the top - crazy!!

A thick layer of cloud below where I am standing on the top of the mountain.

Sedimentary rock over 450million years old - the stuff of Table Mountain.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End of a tradition?

Ever since Ian was about 2 years old, I engaged in a self-defense mechanism of keeping sweets in a jar. Two sweets after lunch was the 'rule'. This meant that I was not pestered for sweets while out shopping, because the children knew that they could have sweets after lunch - and they kept to the rule much to the astonishment and amazement of visiting friends! As the years have passed and they have grown up, the 'two sweets after lunch' was no longer adhered to as they would help themselves whenever they felt like it - though I must say that it has always been within reason. Now that only Paul is at home I have noticed that I hardly ever have to buy sweets anymore - the ones that are there seem to last forever. So it wasn't really a surprise when Paul said to me the other day that it was no longer necessary for me to buy sweets because he was the only one around. So the question arises: what do I do with the sweet jar when the few remaining are gone? Sure, I'll wash it - but what then? Do I turf it - or do I wait until there are grand-children?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lunch with Allan

Somerset West. Sunday. A beautiful, calm, warm day. Enthusiastically greeted by Allan's 'family' where he rents a flat. Richard there as well, his hike having been cancelled. Allan busy descaling and cleaning a 'silwervis' which looks more orange than silver. Snoek already prepared and placed within minutes on the braai. Drinking tea with tea masala added - spicy, delicious. A lovely family - Werner, Tanya, Tiana, Christiaan & Konroy. Christiaan particularly enjoying the novelty of preparing the freshly caught and bought fish from scratch. A wonderful time of being together over a meal - delicious fish braaied in a sauce of butter, garlic, & apricot jam. Yummy!
After lunch we took a drive to Stellenbosch to see where Richard boards and walk around that very extensive Welgevonden estate complex; followed by coffee at a student centre. Back to Somerset West and a brief viewing of an Andre Rieu DVD. Then time to return to Fishhoek. A lovely day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soul-soothing Stuff

Attending Mass with family - worshipping and celebrating the Risen Christ. Sitting on the beach - big mac coffee in hand - alone but not alone. Embraced by the mountainous arms of the Living God - Kalk Bay mountains on the right, Helderberg on the left. Watching the rise and curl of the waves as they rush toward the shore, tickling the stones, sand and rocks, and nudging seaweeed ever closer. All the while undergirded by the heartbeat of creation. Seagulls conferring in the sun before dispersing and wheeling on the breeze. All together, an orchestra of redemption. The breeze like the Holy Spirit playing over the water and lifting the birds. The sun like the Saviour beaming light and warmth over all. The strength of the Father enfolding us all.
I am filled with peace.