Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day - Joy and Drudgery

Yesterday was Mother's Day - a bit of a mixed bag as days go. It highlighted for me the satisfaction I receive seeing each of my young men pursuing their unique purposes in their lives and in the world. Richard and Liesel spending time after church with an uncle and aunt, booking a wedding venue, and helping a soon to be sister-in-law with maths; Paul touching base with band friends; Allan, Ian and Julz continuing their paths in the Western Cape. It is a blessing to know that they have found their niches and are building their futures.

The drudgery of the continuous never ending tasks of running a household - as in washing, cooking, cleaning - is turned around by the appreciation received in terms of gifts, notes and words of affirmation. I was spoilt with flowers, a note, a 'Peter Rabbit' mug, a chatty sms, and the dishes being washed.

This photo was taken on Allan's 27th birthday in January.
From left, back: Allan, Shanley, Paul, Julz, Ian, Richard, Liesel.
From left, front: Beryl, Ned.