Monday, September 24, 2007

One Night With The King

My friend Les Morgan (from Barberton) and I went to see the movie 'One Night with the King' today. There have been mixed reviews about the movie. I wouldn't put it on the top of my list as being a particularly accurate account of the story of Esther in scripture. However the very broad outline of the story was there. I appreciated the costumes and sets. Why is it that movie makers find it necessary to make, to my mind, unnecessary changes and produce something that is less than authentic? Is it because they think they will make more money by appealing to what is reputed to be asked for by audiences? I wonder.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Last night Ned, Richard and I went to the University of Pretoria Symphony Orchestra performance at the Musaion. We haven't attended musical events for years - a great loss. The programme was very good. At the beginning the conductor started them off with "LET'S HAVE FUN" - I liked that - and it was! The second piece was a piano concerto by Saint Saens (we didn't have a programme so I can't tell you its exact name!), and the pianist "a very talented pianist - Gareth Ross". I thought to myself - of course he's talented - he wouldn't be here and playing if he wasn't! . The final piece was the 1812 Overture - one of my favourites. I enjoyed the evening.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Aunty Cheeks Funeral

Aunty Cheeks (Sue Reeves-Moore) died peacefully in her sleep, in Frail-Care (Serene Park Retirement Centre, Garsfontein, Pretoria) at 03h00 on Wednesday 29 August 2007, aged 95 - 10 days before her 96th birthday. She had had pneumonia and was in hospital from 12 - 20 Aug. Although she improved a bit, she didn't really recover. The following is the eulogy, written by Runa, and read at the funeral service.
Tribute to our Aunt Sue Reeves-Moore
(Memorial Service held on 6 September 2007)

Sue Reeves-Moore married my mother's brother Lt. Col. Robert Reeves-Moore in ~1948., thus entering a family of nieces and nephews, which grew in numbers over the years, now to 3rd and 4th generations!! She was very friendly with my mother Elaine Arkell, and Meg Spiers, sisters of Uncle Robert. On our side of the family she became known by the fun nickname of “Aunty Cheeks'.

Cheeks was a most gracious, loving and caring lady, greatly loved by all of us. She loved to have the little children with her while the parents were occupied elsewhere. She entertained them without spoiling them, and so very often took them to the Zoo in Johannesburg, near her home. She would talk to them about the animals and birds, as well as stories of the trees and flowers, not to forget the butterflies, bees and little insects, and the colour-changing chameleons. It was always her plea when parents came to fetch them “You will bring them again, will you not?” As the children grew older many of them spent holidays with her and Uncle Robbie. Such holidays remembered with great joy and sparkling eyes to this day. Times spent on the miniature farm in Sandown where chincillas were bred and fancy, exotic pigeons never to be forgotten.

“Cheeks” was a great lover of nature. The trees, flowers, beautiful birds – no; all birds even the humble sparrows – and the way they made their nests, fed their young amazed her. All insects intrigued her. One day she picked up a wee insect the size of a pinhead, and exclaimed “Runa just look at this creature. It has lungs,heart, digestive and reproductive system. It has eyes, ears and wings. What a very wonderful creative God we have, who loves and cares for all His creatures. The glorious ecosystem where everything in creating depends on another for survival”. She found all this quite awesome, and loved to pour through all my books on creation, nature and evolution when she spent weeks or weekends with me. Seasons that come and go in rhythm, nature awakening in their correct sequence always made her exclaim or call out in wonderment.

Ballet and Operas we attended always delighted her, and admired the artist's performance, showing her appreciation, and never critical.

Cheeks was very family conscious, visited her brothers and sisters regularly and enjoyed family gatherings, When they were ill cared for them and gave freely of herself in whichever way was needed, in a humble loving way until they died. In the same way cared for and nursed Uncle Robbie, who became extremely ill until he died, having to be hospitalized for a short period of time where she stayed with him. She and Uncle Robbie were a very devoted and loving couple, who loved and praised God regularly for their life, and for His mercy and care, especially thanking Him for their place of worship “St. Martins in the Veld” in Rosebank; for all the clergy and caregivers who attended them during Uncle Robbie's invalid days. She was always grateful for the care and concern afforded her by the Rev John Main during her first year of widowhood.

Eventually time arrived when she no longer could remain in her lovely Killarney flat. Her brother had become frail and was in a care centre in a Retirement Village, having lived in the same block of flats for many years as she and uncle Robbie.

By wonderful insight and inspiration led by the Holy Spirit, Ned, my son-in-law, found a cottage which was newly vacated in Serene Park Garsfontein where his mother resided. He fetched Cheeks to view it. As you may imagine she was thrilled and gladly accepted. This being the beginning of her new life in an area of care and protection. My friend Fancis and I managed to drive over regularly on a Sunday to visit and take her to a restaurant nearby, which she enjoyed going to. Of all the wonderful desserts to choose from it was always Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce!! This continued until she became frail and no longer – only a few months ago – to taken to this special place she loved. Instead Beryl took her home where she could rest, and yet be with the family and enjoy their news of their activities.

I am more than grateful that Andrew, my grand-son, and I went to visit her in the frailcare the Sunday before she died. She was so pleased to see us, although very weak wanted to know about the family.

Sue Reeves-Moore - “Cheeks” was a real lady, very precious, always well groomed. She was gracious, humble and loving. A wonderful example to all of us. May we follow in her footsteps.

Having now joined her much loved “Bunny” as she called Uncle Robbie, may she rest in peace and Light Perpetual shine upon her.

Runa Hendrikz

Selected photos of those who were present. Friends from Serene Park and Ned's side of the family were also present, but I have loaded only those related to Aunty Cheeks and Uncle Robbie.
Members from the Light Horse Regiment from L to R: Capt. Janzen, Acting Commander of the Regiment); Mr. Girling, Chairman of the LHR Association; Sergeant-Major Gardener. Richard Donkin is in the background carrying a cup of tea! Capt Janzen and S-M Gardener were both pall-bearers along with Ned Donkin, Ian Donkin, Nigel Hendrikz, and Gary Evangelides (Brenda's husband). SM Gardener was one of the pall-bearers at Uncle Robbie's funeral in 1979. The family was really touched that they were present to represent the Regiment, and that they remembered Aunty Cheeks.
Catherine (Beryl's friend), Nigel Hendrikz, Beryl Donkin

Carmen Hendrikz, Keith Arkell, Ian Donkin standing, Rosemary Arkell.

L to R: Nigel, 'Honey' (Runa), Carmen.

Nieces from Aunty Cheeks/ Sue's own side: L to R: Debbie, Brenda Evangelides, Alison, Candice Evangelides, & Gary (Brenda's husband)
The Funeral Service was held on Thursday 6 September 2007 at the Wesleyan Church, attached to Serene Park Retirement Centre, at 11h00. Rev. Stanley presided.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Family Photo 2006

May 2006

From left to right:
Allan, Paul, Richard, Beryl, Ian, Ned.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday 14 September 2007

It's not often that we as a family are all together. But this weekend is an exception. Allan, plus girlfriend Adri, arrived this evening for the weekend. Ian drove through from Nelspruit to be here as well. So tonight we are 6 + 1! Ned leaves at 05h00 tomorrow for Pietermarizburg, where Ma's Boys (the 'barbershop' singing group that he belongs to) is taking part in the Hilton festival. Pity this event clashed with Allan's weekend visit - but that's the price one pays for business and involvement in activities that fulfill.