Saturday, October 27, 2012

In Memory of Jess

Just over six years ago, this plant was given to Ned and me on the passing of Ned's mom, Jess, at the grand age of 95years. It flourished in a pot in our home for a while and then I planted it in the garden where it has continued to bloom around the anniversary of Jess's death. To me, it is not only a reminder of Jess and all that she invested in us as a family in the way of joy, traditions we chose to adhere to, love and faithfulness, but it is also a reminder of the love and faithfulness of friends who care and journey with us through the tough times in life. Thank you, Jenny. You are a friend whom I truly appreciate and value.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Shredding the Past

I am, very slowly (!), sorting out my study and accumulated books and papers and 'stuff'.
This evening I went through a file of past sermons - which are now torn up and waiting for our next waste paper collection. I have wondered why I kept them. Perhaps to remind me of my journey at that time? or maybe because there is a magpie hidden within me?

It has been a liberating exercise getting to grips with the knowledge/ truth that those contexts and circumstances are in the past, and that the members of the congregation will never be in those exact 'places' in their lives again; that they were fed in some way through the worship service as a whole and that the sermon I preached was only a small part of the meal we shared together; that we have journeyed together in our relationships with the Lord and have encouraged and challenged and held each other accountable along the way; and that the discipline of sermon and service preparation has enriched me in unexpected ways.

I am humbled. And I am at peace.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Becoming an NPBP

Today I moved my office.
Enough said!
It was good to get rid of a lot of paper and newsletters and other publications cluttering up drawers and shelves that had been yearning for a 'tidy up' for a long time.
The reality of the amount of paper wastage that has been created was driven home to me once again. My overflowing waste-paper baskets are convicting me strongly to repent!
With immediate effect, I shall be increasing my efforts to be a Non-Paper-Based-Person, even though that is still a bit of a challenge for my generation!