Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shoes I Walk In

I have been having a problem for the past few months in finding shoes to fit my foot, which is short, broad, and with a high instep. The styles and makes on the market just don't fit - even if I try a larger size than I normally get. It's not as if I have a lot of pairs in my cupboard as I have a very limited range. The problem is that my everyday shoes have been wearing out and I am left with a pair of black sandals, a pair of blue flat soft shoes, and a pair of slip-slops which I now wear most of the time.

In reflecting on this difficulty I realise how much it is indicative of where I am right now in life. I have come to the end of a 'season' in ministry. The last number of years, I have not been fully operating in my particular giftings but havebeen having to do a lot of other things.  They have been important and I know that is was God's direction that I do them, but the toll that it has taken on me has been significant - enough to 'wear out my shoes'. Therefore, in looking for the same styles and makes, I have not had success because the time for walking in those 'shoes' has ended. I am no longer ministering in the community in which I have lived, worshipped, worked and ministered for the past 23 years - the community in which I heard and responded to the call to the ordained ministry.

During the 4 months leave of absence that has been granted me, I trust that the Lord will plant seeds of passion in my heart as to the direction He is now leading me in. As I spend time in rest and reflection, in seeking the Lord in quietness and retreat, I am confident that not only will I hear His clear direction, but that I will also find new shoes to fit the new direction and journey that I will be 'walking in'.