Wednesday, October 7, 2015

I don't like being sick!

I am grateful for a very strong immune system which means that I don't get sick very often. But something must have penetrated my defenses this time, and I find myself 'malingering' in a way I haven't experienced for many years.

The inflamed thoat that makes it sore to breathe, let alone swallow, is the worst. Then there is the post-nasal drip that clogs and causes involuntary, non-productive coughing. And finally, the head full of cotton wool that blocks sound from entering and distorts sound that leaves – such that I cannot hear clearly what others are saying and they cannot hear clearly what I am trying to say. And so I pass the days in an energy deficient dozing fog.

Initial visits to pharmacy, and then the 24hour rooms at the local hospital, brought little relief. Seven days later my throat still felt like it could light a fire, swallowing was so painful that I seriously considered fasting, and croaks were produced on every attempt to speak. On top of that, my eyes are becoming clogged and reading becoming impossible due to the fuzziness.

A visit to my own doctor brought relief at last - and this sickness has finally met it's nemesis.
I look forward to being healthy again! - and for a long long time, like 30 years or more...

I am forever grateful for my 'lazyboy' chair in which I have dozed, slept, and vegetated for the past five days. I also look forward to being able to sleep in my bed again and to not be woken by useless dry throat coughing.....

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